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What is Root Canal Therapy
An injury to your tooth may cause the soft interior of your tooth (the pulp) to become infected.  Dr. Rehm may recommend root canal therapy in which we’ll remove the infected tissue and the damaged nerve through a small hole that he puts in the top of your tooth.  After the infection is cleaned out, he’ll fill your tooth with a temporary filling and allow time for it to heal.

Removing the nerve relieves the pain, however, without it the tooth is not as strong as it used to be.  Dr. Rehm will usually recommend either a permanent filling or porcelain crown to restore the tooth that has had the root canal therapy.

When do I need a Root Canal?
Symptoms can include sensitivity to hot or cold beverages, pain, swelling, pain due to biting or pressure and a bad taste in your mouth.  Your sensitivity may gradually worsen and the pain will not go away on its own.

If your tooth is abcessed, you may also need an antibiotic to fight the infection.  Without treatment, your pain may increase and you’ll be at risk for infection that may spread.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?
The truth is, a root canal actually relieves your pain by removing the infection, which is the true cause of your pain.

Besides providing relief, root canal therapy also gives your the opportunity to save your tooth from extraction, which is the desired option.

Dental anesthetics will relieve your pain and ensure your don’t feel anything during your procedure.  Dr. Rehm’s caring, gentle approach to dentistry will ensure that your procedure will be painless and go smoothly.

If you're experiencing dental pain, please contact us as soon as possible.  Remember, the quicker we can get you diagnosed, the sooner you will be treated , feeling comfortable and on the path to health.

Root Canal Therapy

At Dr. Rehm’s office, we take dental pain and emergencies very seriously.  We know that seeing you  could mean the different between saving and losing your tooth. If you are ever in a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to call and we will make every effort to see you as quickly as possible.