A beautiful smile can make all of the difference when making a first impression. It conveys self confidence, attractiveness and sincerity.  

Whether you wish to make small changes such as whiter teeth or big changes with a full smile makeover, we offer comprehensive array of services to fit your budget and give you a confident smile.

Depending on your needs, Dr Rehm can make treatment recommendations including:

Ortho Aligners:

Our office offers top notch orthodontic aligners by SureSmile. SureSmile uses the newest technology and highest quality materials to fix teeth that need improvement in their position. Clear aligners are custom made trays designed to treat mild to moderate cosmetic issues without the hassle and inconvenience of braces.

Teeth whitening:

Dr. Rehm offers safe and effective custom home whitening trays using custom fit molds of your teeth and the most effective whitening gel on the market. The patient comes in to have the molds made your teeth and within four days the trays will be ready.  Once home, the patient fills the trays with the gel and it is recommended to wear them for a half hour for one full week, avoiding staining agents such as coffee, wine and tea.  At this point your teeth should be as white as they can be. Then whitening can be utilized on an as needed basis.

Porcelain veneers:

If you have worn, misshapen or uneven teeth, but do not want to get braces, you may be a good candidate for porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers can give you a beautifully straight smile, without the inconvenience of braces. 

With minimal tooth structure removed, Dr. Rehm will bond attractive porcelain veneers, which are very thin shells of ceramic,  to the front of your teeth. They’re durable and easy to care for, plus directly bonding them to the front of your tooth adds strength and function.  You’ll be able to brush and floss normally, and with great home care and regular check ups, they can potentially last for many years.

Tooth Colored Bonding and Fillings: 

Dental bonding is an alternative to veneers and can be used to restore teeth that are chipped, cracked, discolored or mis-arranged.  These composite resins are made to match the rest of your teeth so they are virtually undetectable to the naked eye.

Dr. Rehm will prepare for the procedure by lightly etching the surface and applying a bonding liquid.  Once the liquid sets, a plastic resin is applied and sculpted into the desired shape.  Once set, the resin is trimmed, smoothed and polished so you can have the natural smile you can be proud of.

This procedure can be completed in a single office visit. However, since the plastic resin is not as strong as your natural tooth enamel, it is more likely to chip or break than your natural teeth. Bonding typically lasts three to five years before some repair is needed.

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